Success Stories

Here are some examples of some of the successful companies who have benefited from the S00 Club. We’re proud of all the companies we help, and they all have a special story, but here are some of the highlights.

Karadoo Finance

Chris Rose, CEO

Karadoo was founded in 2017 by its directors, Chris and Michael. Between them, they have years of experience in start-ups, global companies and running their own businesses. They have leveraged their skills and experience to build the UK’s first “social network for good” – with giving as its core.

Via its platform,, charitable or community organisation such as schools, churches or sports clubs, can digitise their existing fundraising or generate incremental revenue online. Shortly, they’ll be able to source volunteers, goods and services too.

In 2022, social network tools will be rolled out to build (local) connected networks of informed, engaged and active supporters. This transformation will enable their client organizations to secure broader and deeper engagement with the individuals, families and communities that support or rely on them.

In 2023, Karadoo will leverage their FCA peer to peer lending and crowdfunding authorisations to launch a community investment product for local small businesses. This will enable these valuable community assets to secure investment to grow but also lock in customer support so that they can flourish in the long term.

Why S100 Club?

Chris was on a very popular search engine and came across the S100 Club platform in March 2021. Chris successfully made it through the S100 Club process to pitch at an event in June 2021.

What did you get out of being part of S100 Club?

Chris states, “The feedback and support provided by the selection panel ensured that their investors saw a polished and relevant pitch.  S100’s comprehensive due diligence also ensures that only investible companies are presented to the members. Likewise, S100 Club ensure that their investors are exactly that - their angels are engaged and active. Nobody is wasting anybody’s time!”.

Final Thoughts

When Chris reached out to the S100 Club for the opportunity to pitch at an event, he had been pitching to different angel groups for 18 months. Chris concludes, “I was so impressed with the S100 Club admin, process and organisation. It was highly professional from start to finish. Overall, a great experience!”


HOX Therapeutics

James Culverwell, Chairman

HOX Therapeutics Ltd (HTL) was established in 2013 as a preclinical cancer research company. Having now progressed to a clinical stage company, the principal focus remains the therapeutic potential of drugs that target the aberrant biological activity of the HOX family of genes (which occurs in many cancers).

HOX genes are master regulators of embryonic development but are relatively inactive in normal adult cells. The HTL team have established that in most cancers, HOX genes are selectively reactivated and promote cancer growth, meaning that HOX proteins are potentially highly selective therapeutic targets.

Why S100 Club?

Based at the Surrey Technology Centre, Hox Therapeutics was invited to apply to the S100 Club to its summer 2018 investment event and successfully pitched for investment to an audience of high net-worth S100 Club angel investors.

James Culverwell, Chairman, Hox Therapeutics comments, “Developing a new drug is a long and extremely costly process. We need to continuously attract investment from those who appreciate the risks of investing in life sciences, have deep pockets and are prepared to take a long term view.”

What did you get out of being part of S100 Club?

According to Culverwell the most valuable element of the process was the insight and advice the S100 team provided to enable him to perfect his pitch to potential investors. The experienced, multi-discipline S100 team worked with Culverwell to succinctly communicate the benefits of a complex, potentially globally ground-breaking investment opportunity to an audience not used to hearing pitches from MedTech companies.

Final thoughts

Culverwell continues, “I would recommend the S100 Club to others seeking investment. Their experience and help honing my pitch to ten minutes was invaluable. It is easy to become too close to day-to-day development challenges to understand how best to communicate a complex investment offering to a mixed and varied audience of potential investors. The S100 team worked effectively to craft a highly effective ‘elevator pitch’ for Hox Therapeutics.”



Rupert Jenner, Founder and CEO

Playwaze Ltd is a Surrey-based technology company with a focus on providing the best online and mobile platforms for organising sport. Playwaze’s aim is to play a pivotal role in increasing participation and engagement in sport.

Why S100 Club?

Playwaze approached the S100 Club in 2014, having spent 18 months developing the business and attracting initial interest. He explains, “I knew I was ready for investment when I had literally run out of money from investing in Playwaze myself. The product was gaining traction and I thought it was worth seeing if I could gain investment to take the business further.”

What did you get out of being part of S100 Club?

Rupert Jenner continues, “Introducing my business to the S100 Club forced me to see it from the perspective of an investor. As part of the pitch preparation, the S100 team gave me the most valuable input into my business, which was criticism! When I first started discussing Playwaze with them, I had a business concept which I believed in. They helped me to hone it into a concept which could grow into something that everyone would believe in.”

Rupert asked for £300,000 and was able to secure £180,000 through the S100 Club. The money allowed him to continue to work on the business full-time and to employ a lead developer and a sales/marketing manager, two newly created roles for the business. Raising investment also enabled Playwaze to become a SETsquared Surrey residential member and relocate the business to the Surrey Technology Centre.

Final thoughts 

According to Rupert Jenner, the discipline of preparing for the pitch is rigorous and extremely valuable. He explains, “The S100 Club gives you an opportunity to distil years of hard work into a ten minute presentation. That’s where you find the holes that need to be filled.”

He concludes, “Ultimately, the S100 Club is a great way to either attract initial investment or see why you don’t – both are equally useful. Many early-stage businesses, including mine, ask for an amount of money that will meet their growth aspirations when they should be asking for the minimal amount to help them to get to self-sustaining revenue. By receiving less than I originally asked for I had to become sharply focused on cost and resource management – a good foundation for any business!”