How does the S100 Club Operate? 

The club continues to seek interested investors of all degrees of experience looking to participate in funding opportunities or learn more about Angel investing and the club always welcomes enquiries from companies wishing to discuss their investment proposition.

Selection Process:

We invite entrepreneurs to submit their investment summary for consideration via our platform where:

  • All investment summaries are assessed by an experienced team who shortlist ventures, inviting them to attend pitch assessment and feedback sessions
  • A panel of investors from the club assess the prepared ventures and select the 4/5 best propositions

The Events:

An investment event is held five times per year, usually on a Wednesday evening at the University. 

  • 4/5 selected businesses pitch to an audience of club investors with a Q&A, followed by a club discussion 
  • the drinks reception following the presentations not only facilitates interaction between the club members, but provides an informal networking session where presenting businesses are available to provide further details about their opportunity.

The Club itself does not become directly involved in linking companies with investors; propositions are uploaded to the club investment platform with all associated documentation for ongoing review and diligence.

  • Interested members use the platform to form a syndicate, review documentation, record discussions and agree terms
  • Businesses use the platform to collectively communicate to interested members, update and upload all relevant documentation, and where required, seek further investment from a wider community of linked funds and Angel groups
  • The platform is hosted by InEn; they charge a 2% success fee on investment raised through the use of the platform.