S100 Pitches 2015

For the past three years I have had the pleasure of helping the Surrey 100 investment club to run their bi-monthly events. For those Angel investors or fund-seeking startups that haven't heard of the S100 Club, you really should look it up, as it is one of the top investor clubs in the country.

I enjoy helping out with the club and in turn I get to stay attuned to some of the most innovative businesses from around the UK and EU. It is extremely satisfying to see the rapid improvement of entrepreneur pitches, something that will help them in further fundraising as well as future sales. The level of ingenuity and innovation across multiple sectors constantly astounds me. As a bit of history, I am sharing the story of events back in 2015:

Recently the club has started bringing back former presenting companies to give an update and occasionally raise more funds, and their stories also provide the greatest testament to the success of this Surrey institution.  The success stories of fraud/security solution Contego, password innovator PixelPin and med-tech company Fourth State Medicine, to name but a few, are key indicators of the club’s accomplishments.

Last night's event was another that did not disappoint. Despite the torrential rain and a broken down vehicle on the motorway, top investors, including former 3i chief and club president Michael Queen, made the journey to see 6 impressive companies pitch for investment. While everyone has their favourites, I was particularly struck by the following:

·      Movivo (http://www.movivo.mobi/): an easy way to discover new mobile content and earn free airtime to top up your mobile-you are awarded airtime for trying new apps, offers etc. The founder has a strong promotion network and excellent traction in India.

·      Meet & Jam (https://meetandjam.com/): Founded by ex-Timeout exec Peter Fiennes, they are bringing musicians and their support network together, a LinkedIn of the music industry.

·      Wriggle (http://www.getawriggleon.com/): the online, last minute food service provider that allows you to buy last minute meal deals from your mobile.

As with all events, the quality of the presentations was fabulous. If you are interested in presenting or joining the club as an investor I suggest you get involved immediately.

Stephen Mooney is a long-time advisor in the S100 club. He has previously served as an Entrepreneur in Residence with Surrey Incubation and is currently CEO of Synoptica and a Dealmaker in the Global Entrepreneur Programme.