A New Chapter

I have had the pleasure of working with the University of Surrey’s Angel investment club for over 4 years. When I first arrived, I was impressed with the polished process that had been developed to link start-ups to investors. It was something the team had been delivering with great results for over 7 years, making its collaboration with the University, SETsquared, Southwest Angels and entrepreneurs truly unique and innovative.

As with most markets, innovation breeds more innovation- and this happened on a global scale for the early stage investment market. Growth accelerators like Techstars and YCombinator quickly went global and productized seed investment and equity-based acceleration. SETsquared-backed companies like CrowdCube and alternative lending platforms have brought more options and a new dynamic to early stage investing.

And so when the team decided to implement changes to freshen the look and feel of the club and to invigorate its membership base, I was all for it. And if last night’s event was any indication of the future, keep the changes coming!

Not only has the club changed the format to create a real club dynamic in the way that members view, query and collaborate to find the right deals, it has now introduced a technology to enhance and accelerate it. The InEn platform https://www.inen.global/ really seems to be the next generation of deal facilitation, and its not-for-profit model makes it the perfect partner for the S100 Club.

So, a new look, a new name (S100) and technology to bolster this, but one consistency- great presenting companies! Here are the last night’s presenters, please do have a look:

Beacon (www.thisisbeacon.com): an easy-to-use, AI enabled analytics tool that reconnects digital activity to specific results

Vanuse: (www.vanuse.com): an on demand ‘transportation as a service” platform offering a service similar to Uber, but for vans.

Pplus: (www.pplusproducts.co.uk): an anti-aging skin care product that addresses the same market as Botox and Fillers but has none of the unwanted side effects.

Gaapt: (www.gaapt.com): a proven SaaS based platform that is targed for the hair and spa sector and increases online bookings by up to 40%.

Here’s looking to the next session!

Stephen Mooney is a long-time advisor in the S100 club. He has previously served as an Entrepreneur in Residence with Surrey Incubation and is currently CEO of Synoptica and a Dealmaker in the Global Entrepreneur Programme.